segunda-feira, abril 16, 2007

Fabien Lemaire, Francês, (26) , fotógrafo de grande projeção na Europa.
Em seu curriculo estão diversas fotos para capa de revistas de moda e exposições individuais.
Lemaire trabalha muito bem nas transparências, onde a sobreposição de imagens cria um universo onirico de grande efeito visual.
"Fabien Lemaire was born in 1980, in Meaux, France, and started his photography career at the early age of 12, when he discovered the old camera of his father. He studied graphic design at Claude Garamond and Maximilien Vox but still followed his passion in this period by taking photos day and night of his environment. Step by step he discovered the digital art of photography, like a painter discovers his pencils. In search for his creative identity, he traveled all over Europe and Canada, returning home full of inspiration of urban landscapes melted with humanity and nature. After working as junior artistic director, he went to the south of France where he lead an art and art understanding workshop.

Currently Fabien practices his art as a fashion and portrait photographer, working with big names in the fashion and jewelery industry. His work has been published in well-known international magazines, like Mate. In his own time he busies himself with his own creative expressions. 'Transparence' is a series of work that is closer to paintings then photography, opening a window to a magical universe full of symbolism and transparency, light and multiple dimensions.

Fabien Lemaire is a young multi-talented French artist, with a lot of promise for the future."

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Mariposo-L disse...

Depois de alguns dias trabalhando feito uns 20 escravos estou voltas as fotos são linda mas a que mais gostei foi a 4 de cima para baixo !

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Eita banheirão estiloso !